Navarre Pier

I  haven’t posted in a while because we’ve been in Florida relaxing, sitting, reading, and sometimes just staring. Except for jotting down observations in my journal, I haven’t written a thing beyond a few short posts on Facebook and necessary responses to email & messages by iPhone. I guess you could say, I’ve mostly been offline. It was a restful time, but I’ve missed blogging. So here I am again with reflections from early one morning.


Quiet Beginnings

It’s early as I step out on the balcony, coffee cup and journal in hand. No breath of wind, the sea below is a glassy aqua.

Where waves pounded the shore this time last week, only lulling swells lap against the shoreline in a chorus of swish-swoosh. Each swish drapes the shore with ethereal white lace that dissolves with the next swoosh.

In the distance, small birds rock on blue water looking for a seafood buffet. A barge towed by a small tugboat works its way across the gray horizon, and I idly wonder what their business is this early morning.

The same breeze that cools my cheek and bare arms glides across the ocean below, producing more rickrack than ruffles on its surface.


A line of pelicans flies by overhead.



Another bathwater day as Terry calls it—calm, gentle—perfect for small children or for Mom to soak away the weariness in her soul.

A father, mother, and preteen daughter pause at the end of our boardwalk for a picture of the girl, and she throws out her arms, tilting her head in such a way that I although I can’t see it, I know she’s smiling. They make their way down the steps and across the sand to the water’s edge, where they proceed in follow-the-leader single file, heads tipped down, probably looking for shells or that Elusive Sand Dollar.

Within minutes they switch directions, angling back across the sand toward the boardwalk. Daughter gravitates to Dad, momentarily clutching his upper arm. As they pass beneath my perch, I want to call out, “Enjoy her company. The time is fleeting. Too soon, she may elect to sleep-in instead taking of an early morning walk with you.”

Caroline Day, Norcross High School 2017 Graduate

Having just attended my youngest granddaughter’s graduation, I’m almost painfully conscious of the rush of time. I couldn’t help wondering if her dad’s short, solitary sojourn on their back patio just before our departure that morning was his way of putting on his armor.

Later when we teased about handing out tissues for the ceremony, he grinned and declared, “I’m happy!”

We all echoed, “So are we.”

And we were happy to celebrate her accomplishments and pleased she’ll be going to college in the fall.

Still, it was bittersweet as is any change of season.


See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?

I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.

Isaiah 43:19



A Message From Will

The Boys

Today is my brother Will’s birthday. If he were still with us he would be 73, but in our hearts he will be forever young. I think I heard him say something to us yesterday.


Remember me, but don’t be sad. Why not

Look back on the good times we had?

Recall the day we hiked to the bluffs, or

Carefree moments of childhood stuff like

Skipping rocks on the river and taking a swim,

Climbing the big tree with Judy and Jim.

Consider the nights we cruised the court square then

Back to the Delight to see who was there.

Choose moments of laughter, the best memories and

You may hear me whisper in the rustling leaves, or

Catch my wink in a firefly’s flickering light or in the

Big Dipper. Keep the North Star in sight.

Don’t think of boundaries or beginning and end, for

One day you’ll step through a curtain ever so thin

Where I will be waiting and it will be clear

I didn’t desert you but always was near.

Until then, live with abandon. I hope you’ll be free,

Just promise to smile when you think of me.




Gardenia Update

Awhile back in Scents of Summer, I told you about how I keep trying to grow gardenias because they take me back to my childhood.

Here’s the latest on those three bushes.

GardeniapotThe new potted plant on the sidewalk is struggling a bit, but because it was full of buds when I bought it, I’m being rewarded anyway. However, it needs some TLC, which is on my list today.

On a happier note, I think one of the older plants is quite happy in its new digs. My clue was what greeted me yesterday when I walked to the far side of the porch to get the water hose.

The sweet smell of gardenias.


The fragrance came from one of the two older bushes that we moved last year. The front one to be exact. I counted eight large blossoms and lots of buds, so I picked a couple of the flowers.


I’m thinking you’ve already guessed how good my kitchen smells today.

Gardenias. That unmistakable fragrance of summer in the South.

Just call me grateful.

I’ve already decided where to move that second older bush that’s not faring as well. It’s going to swap locations with a shade-loving hosta that gets lots of sunlight.

I bet they’ll both be happier.


  • Most of us could use more sunshine in our lives.
  • We often reap rewards when we take the advice of more knowledgeable folks.
  •  Even experts don’t get it right every time.
  • When things don’t go as planned, look for another option.
  • Sweet fragrances lift our spirits.

Is something sweetening your day? I’d love to hear about it.


It shall blossom abundantly and rejoice,

Even with joy and singing.

Isaiah 35:2a (NKJV)