I’ve had a lifetime love affair with CUTE SHOES that may have begun with my first case of shoe envy. My friend, Karen, bought her shoes at Kempner’s in Little Rock. Every spring and fall, she and her sister showed up at church in new shoes, and then wore their last season ones for everyday. I was looking at nice footwear constantly.

We shopped for my shoes at Butlers and Bakers. While they didn’t begin to compare in quality or price, they were comfortable enough, and I always picked out CUTE ones.

When I was in high school, Keds came out with tennis shoes in a variety of colors. One of the older girls must have had a pair in every hue. I had to settle for one, and white went with everything. But that was okay. I liked their style.

By the time I was in college, I had discovered a factory outlet store about a 30-minute drive from Searcy. A carload of us would make the trip and wander up and down the aisles trying on shoes like Cinderella. Sometimes we were more like her stepsisters, trying to squeeze our feet into a half-size smaller than we should wear because they were CUTE!

I had a pair similar to these in the 70s

In the ’70s, I taught school in high-heeled sandals — much like what you see today. The price I paid for standing all day on a concrete floor was a stress fracture that necessitated wearing ugly orthopedic shoes for what seemed like an eternity. That experience made me more discriminating in my purchases. But I still chased shoe sales.

Today I seldom wear high heels. I wish I could, but my feet don’t like them, so when I put on a pair, I take my flats for backup.

J-41 Barefoot Design

My favorite shoes this season have been my J-41 sport shoes. I can stand all day in them and my feet don’t hurt afterwards. And guess what? I love their style!

Not long ago a friend who also appreciates pretty footwear said she had described me to her daughter by saying, “She has CUTE shoes.” That made me laugh!

Nowadays I give away a pair of shoes each time I buy new ones. Its feels good to share. Who knows, I  might even start a shoe ministry in the future. In meantime, I know of three places you could donate your good shoes if you are so inclined.

What about you? Do you love shoes? If so, tell me about your favorites.

… having shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace… Ephesians 6:15

8 thoughts on “I LOVE SHOES”

  1. I loved white Keds too. In junior high, I got a new pair of saddle oxfords each year – it was part of the cheerleader uniform. It took weeks to break them in, but I thought they were very cool. Still do. Now my shoe of choice is either laceless Converse or flip flops. I'm casual that way:))

    I may have to find me a pair of those J-41s you have. Love them!


  2. Oh, DJ – I have a thing for white shoes. I buy one new pair every year..there is a whole progression in my closet, from new, to barely worn, to pretty sad, to just plain worn out! I have to clean them out this weekend, and parting will be such,well, sweet sorrow…
    The first thing I ever bought with my first realy paycheck was a pair of shoes at Baker's. I miss Baker's and Butler's and Paul's! Shoe shopping just isn't the same any more.


  3. I'm kinda picky about my shoes now, too. I love cute shoes, but my feet won't let me wear a lot of the cutest styles right now. I love flip flops, but they're not always the wisest choice if you have feet problems. I need to give away a lot of my shoes that I can't wear any more. But I guess I'm hanging on to them just in case. I'm forced to go for comfortable styles these days, and I also love cute tennis shoes and boots.


  4. There's a DSW about to open in Rogers, and I am counting the days! 🙂 I loved flip flops, but now I have heel pain from wearing them too much, and have to wear shoes that support them better. Lucky for me, flats are cuter now than they used to be.


  5. Yea for DSW! We have one here in LR. I was just there a couple of weeks ago. I had to go to more sensible shoes a while back, but I agree, there are lots of comfortable cute shoes to choose from these days. Thanks for reading and commenting, Laurie.


  6. No one loves shoes more than my daughter! I am glad we wear the same size and can share. I love the idea of giving away a pair when you get a new pair. We tend to accumulate so much, this is a great way to manage “the stuff”


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