Why Blog?
 Is there something that gives you joy, makes your heart sing? A talent, an interest that makes you look forward to waking up the next day?

One of mine is writing – finding the best word or phrase to express an emotion or capture a moment.

So in answer to a recent question from a good friend, “Why blog?” I say because the process excites even this timid woman, who has been reluctant to share her work. (Another reason – the one that pushed me into the blogging world – is that an online presence is now a basic requirement if you want to be published.)

The young woman in this artwork by “curly girl,” Leigh Standley, captured my joy when I made some long overdue life changes.

 I bought it as a reminder to listen to song in my heart  and embrace the joy of expressing it on paper. That’s at the heart of why I began to blog!

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5 thoughts on “HEART SONGS”

  1. Dorothy, I LOVED meeting you this weekend at AWBU. I also love this post. A Curly Girl card inspired my blog name. She said “True friends see us and all of our pieces, not as clutter but as decoration.” Hence the name, Decorate My Life. Curly Girl is my favorite artist so I love that she inspired you too!


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