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The Dignity of Honest Labor

Last summer, I saw someone on the street corner by David’s Burgers wearing a cute little hamburger costume. The figure was small, so I thought it might be a girl, but I couldn’t tell because the costume covered her completely. The character was engaging; however, I wondered how hot that outfit must have been. If the person inside felt the heat, she didn’t show it. She was doing a little dance and waving at the traffic. I wish I’d been able to take her picture, but at rush hour it was impossible.

This guy was advertising Halloween costumes

Since then, I’ve waved at several costumed folks promoting businesses. I don’t know if these characters draw customers. I’ve never run right into a business because of one, but I sure admire the people wearing those getups. That goes especially for the Lady Liberty I saw recently standing outside in freezing temperatures and the sweaty chicken waving on Cantrell Road in front of a gold-buying establishment last summer  (Those rubber chicken commercials were the worst! I muted the television and looked away, just on principle.)

Can you say cold?

When I see an individual willing to dress up in an outlandish rig and wave at passing traffic, I think, “There’s someone who isn’t too proud to work.” It makes me wish I owned a business and could offer him employment with potential for advancement. If I did, you can bet I’d stop and talk to them.

In this economy, many people find themselves taking jobs they never would’ve considered before. I think maintaining a good attitude in the process must surely be a sign of good character. I hope none of us will ever be embarrassed by honest labor. My hope is that the economy will improve and bring them opportunities to use their special training and skills. Until it happens, they have my utmost admiration.
The Lord your God has blessed you in all the work of your hands. Deut. 2:7