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Do closed doors ever get in your way?

Sometimes, they frustrate me REALLY BAD. I don’t have hands like Mama, and I’m not quite tall enough to get a grip on the knob with my paws. 

But I can rattle a door. Mama says I’m good at it. 
If I could just a grip on this thing …
That’s how I summon her to help me. Sometimes it works. But other times, she ignores me. Like this morning when she slept late. (Mama and Dad close their bedroom door at night. Something about cats climbing all over them and keeping them awake.) 

What’s with that?
Anyway, when Mama finally opened the door, she said something about pesky kitties. 

I said, Whatever.
The door Mama says yes to most leads out to the garage. She says it’s a safe place for me to explore. 

Anybody out here?

But sometimes it’s BORING.

Where I really like to go is out the big glass door to the patio and deck. Mama says she wants to be there with me when I go outside. Something about coyotes and bobcats. 

Plus, there’s a big brown dog next door named Deuce. Mama says Deuce is a nice dog, but he doesn’t know much about kitties. And he is REAL BIG.

I’ll tell you a secret. Sometimes when we’re outside, I sneak off down the steps. And around the corner.

I’ve even followed that brick walk to the front of the house. But to be honest, it was scary. Felt dangerous. Those contraptions that race up and down our street are loud. They make me nervous, so I always run back REAL FAST.

Mama and I made an agreement. I can go in the garage any time the big door is closed, and she’ll take me with her when she’s on the patio and deck. But if she isn’t outside, I can’t go either.

How does this work?
You know something? The garage is not a bad place to play. I wish you could come over. I’d show you around the garage and ask Mama to take us out on the patio.
Do you ever have trouble opening doors? I could teach you to rattle them. But maybe you already know how.

Do some places feel dangerous when you venture through a new door?
Mama says it’s good to ask someone big to go with you to new places.  

Probably a good idea.

Who do you ask?

God is striding ahead of you. 
He’s right there with you. 
He won’t let you down; 
he won’t leave you. 
Don’t be intimidated. 
Don’t worry.” 
Deut. 31:8 MSG

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Finally, Mom gave me
a turn at the computer.
Today, I want to talk about rugs. 

Specifically about what good places rugs are to stretch out—way out.

This may be my favorite rug.

We have lots of rugs in our house. 

I’ve tried them all out.

Bath rugs are fun. If you make a running start, you can slide all the way across the floor.

The only problem with resting on rugs is that sometimes my people don’t see me, and they STEP on me—usually on my tail. 

I screech and they panic.

My Mama and Dad love me.
Mama fusses when that happens. 

There’s no telling how many times she’s said, Lola, if you don’t want to get stepped on, don’t lie down in the walkway.

The thing is, even though I suppose she’s right, I LIKE lazing around on those rugs. They’re thick and soft. It feels good. 

So I’m willing to take the risk.

What about you? Do you have a favorite pastime that your Mama would think was bad for you?

Remember, if you don’t want to get stepped on, don’t lie down in the walkway. 

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Lola is still entertaining us. She likes to rest atop the couch cushions with her chin propped up on the back. Some of her poses are priceless.

Here she reminds me of how some of us felt when we weren’t chosen to be Queen of the Ball.


Would you have to change the way you think if you decided to rejoice with those who are celebrating something you aspire to do or who have acquired something you wish you had? 
Just wondering.

Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.

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