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Welcome to the fifth installment of Life Lessons from Lola, a series about an adorable kitten who’s traveled lots of miles and stolen lots of hearts in her journey home to Terry and me. Saturday, I shared what prompted me to bring her home. Today, I’ll tell you about our trip and her reception once we arrived.


I Was Uneasy

I’ve never owned a cat that didn’t cry, sometimes yowl, every inch of the way to our destination when transported in the car. That fact made me nervous about the trip home. I didn’t want to listen to a kitty for 10 hours.
Maria and Brady both swore Lola hadn’t cried at all when she rode with them. After looking round a little, she’d just curled up in the back seat and gone to sleep. 

Still, I was a bit skeptical. It was a long way to Arkansas. I wanted Lola to start out in the carrier to be sure she didn’t slip out an open door. We put some food and water in containers with lids, made a little litter box and a Care Bears quilt pallet. She didn’t like it much but only mewed a little on the way to pick up Ginger.

Didn’t They Tell Me So?

Once we got Ginger’s things loaded and all the doors closed, I opened the carrier to see what Lola would do. I shouldn’t have worried.  She did exactly what Maria and Brady had said. She crept out, looked around and then settled down for the ride. 

The only times she cried was when I put her back in the carrier when we got out of the car. But I insisted. I didn’t want to tell anyone I’d lost her along the way home. 

 I have to tell you it was the easiest trip I’ve ever taken with a pet. 
Lola is a born traveler. 

Not-So-WelcomeHome Surprise

I hadn’t worried about how the boys would accept Lola. Max is the friendliest cat I’ve ever known. Timmy is so shy that I knew he’d hang back until he got used to her. And they both liked Lucy.

Was I in for a surprise!

This ishow I explained what happened  in my text to Maria the next day.
Me:    Max is very unhappy about Lola. I’ve never seen him this way. He won’t have anything to do with me and he stalks and growls at her. Plus, I don’t think Terry’s thrilled. He’ll be ok, but I don’t want one of the boys to hurt her. Guess I’ll look for another home for her. She was a great little traveler and is sweet. I’m sad about it.

Disappointed Was an Understatement

I told Max I was disappointed in him. But he didn’t care. Neither did Timmy. There’s not doubt that Max is the Alpha cat in our house and Timmy’s a big follower. He lined up with Max

Two Bad Boys Who Don’t Give a Rip

A Safe Haven

We decided the hall bathroom would make a safe place for Lola at night and when we weren’t around. I didn’t want to have to tell someone that Max had hurt Lola or even worse. She made herself right at home.

I could tell Terry wasn’t very excited about her either. But these guys didn’t know Lola yet.

Lesson to be Learned: Sometimes the very people or, in this case, cats you expect to be your biggest supporters will let you down—at least, at first.

Point to Ponder: Have I ever acted like Max and Timmy when someone new came on the scene? Have I influenced someone to be less than welcoming to a newcomer. Or am I a follower who looks to see how the Alpha in the crowd reacts to someone new?

Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you,
for the glory of God. Romans 15:7
Next Time: Whatever Lola Wants Lola Gets – Even when it takes a while. 

She’s patient.

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