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Winter Blues

The three doves arrived together. Attired in sedate grays, charcoal, and taupe, they reminded me of Victorian matrons gathering for high tea.


While one hung back on the rail–perhaps watching for a friend who was to arrive separately–the other two waddled directly to the bird feeder and happily helped themselves.

Happily, that is, until the larger bird began to stalk the other aggressively.

Who can say what started it?

Perhaps her companion told her the truth about that dress making her rear end look big. Or maybe she took the biggest sunflower seed–the very one the Queenie had her eye on. Continue reading “CHALLENGING BAD BEHAVIOR”

Bullying, Cat Rescue


Welcome to the fifth installment of Life Lessons from Lola, a series about an adorable kitten who’s traveled lots of miles and stolen lots of hearts in her journey home to Terry and me. Saturday, I shared what prompted me to bring her home. Today, I’ll tell you about our trip and her reception once we arrived.


I Was Uneasy

I’ve never owned a cat that didn’t cry, sometimes yowl, every inch of the way to our destination when transported in the car. That fact made me nervous about the trip home. I didn’t want to listen to a kitty for 10 hours.
Maria and Brady both swore Lola hadn’t cried at all when she rode with them. After looking round a little, she’d just curled up in the back seat and gone to sleep. 

Still, I was a bit skeptical. It was a long way to Arkansas. I wanted Lola to start out in the carrier to be sure she didn’t slip out an open door. We put some food and water in containers with lids, made a little litter box and a Care Bears quilt pallet. She didn’t like it much but only mewed a little on the way to pick up Ginger.

Didn’t They Tell Me So?

Once we got Ginger’s things loaded and all the doors closed, I opened the carrier to see what Lola would do. I shouldn’t have worried.  She did exactly what Maria and Brady had said. She crept out, looked around and then settled down for the ride. 

The only times she cried was when I put her back in the carrier when we got out of the car. But I insisted. I didn’t want to tell anyone I’d lost her along the way home. 

 I have to tell you it was the easiest trip I’ve ever taken with a pet. 
Lola is a born traveler. 

Not-So-WelcomeHome Surprise

I hadn’t worried about how the boys would accept Lola. Max is the friendliest cat I’ve ever known. Timmy is so shy that I knew he’d hang back until he got used to her. And they both liked Lucy.

Was I in for a surprise!

This ishow I explained what happened  in my text to Maria the next day.
Me:    Max is very unhappy about Lola. I’ve never seen him this way. He won’t have anything to do with me and he stalks and growls at her. Plus, I don’t think Terry’s thrilled. He’ll be ok, but I don’t want one of the boys to hurt her. Guess I’ll look for another home for her. She was a great little traveler and is sweet. I’m sad about it.

Disappointed Was an Understatement

I told Max I was disappointed in him. But he didn’t care. Neither did Timmy. There’s not doubt that Max is the Alpha cat in our house and Timmy’s a big follower. He lined up with Max

Two Bad Boys Who Don’t Give a Rip

A Safe Haven

We decided the hall bathroom would make a safe place for Lola at night and when we weren’t around. I didn’t want to have to tell someone that Max had hurt Lola or even worse. She made herself right at home.

I could tell Terry wasn’t very excited about her either. But these guys didn’t know Lola yet.

Lesson to be Learned: Sometimes the very people or, in this case, cats you expect to be your biggest supporters will let you down—at least, at first.

Point to Ponder: Have I ever acted like Max and Timmy when someone new came on the scene? Have I influenced someone to be less than welcoming to a newcomer. Or am I a follower who looks to see how the Alpha in the crowd reacts to someone new?

Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you,
for the glory of God. Romans 15:7
Next Time: Whatever Lola Wants Lola Gets – Even when it takes a while. 

She’s patient.

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Bullying, Crows, Dumbo

Don’t Go Along with the Crowd

A flock of crows swoops over the deck and careens across the yard in scraggly formation. The leader banks then lands in a tree just below our yard. One-by-one the rag-tag squadron joins him.
I recognize these guys. They’re the same bunch that strutted across our yard not long ago, laying claim to our neighborhood as surely I do. All the head honcho lacks is a cigar and a cap with a feather to transform him into Jim Crow, boss of that bunch that made fun of a baby elephant with over-sized ears.
Image courtesy of Vlado at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

However, it wasn’t long before they joined Timothy Mouse in his crusade to help the little guy find the courage to make the most of what he had been given. After all, what he really needed was just a bit of confidence.

The rest is history—showbiz history—because Dumbo, the Flying Elephant, became the star of the circus. Dumbo has always been one of my favorite movies. I was surprised to read that it’s older than I am. Walt Disney released it in1941. With its timeless message, the story speaks to every generation. You can order the 70thAnniversary Edition by clicking on the link above.

I hope today’s kids know it well because, shamefully, bullying is still a real problem. Some folks take up the ugly habit in nursery school and carry it all the way into adulthood. No one ever took my lunch money or called me rude names to my face, but I’ve been bullied a time or two.

Source : iamilly23.blogspot.com

My worst experience was on a job when I got a promotion and a disappointed woman stirred up some coworkers to take sides. It wasn’t pleasant, but I survived. I will always be grateful to the lady who told me she’d rather be my friend than hang out with the little group that trailed after the ringleader. You know there’s always a ring leader.
When I remember that time, I remind myself that bullies act out of insecurity and pain. It doesn’t make what they do right, but it can help us to forgive. I hope it made me more sensitive to recognizing the subtle forms adult bullying takes.
I want to be like Timothy Mouse. I want to not only stop bullying when I see it, but also encourage others to recognize and make the most of the gifts within them. 

Everyone is gifted in some way.

What about you? Have you been bullied? I hope not. But if so, you know the pain that comes from it. Let’s all step up and stop such harassment when we see it, whatever form it takes.
When we do, we’ll probably make a friend for life.
Blessed are those who have regard for the weak; the Lord delivers them in times of trouble.Ps. 41:1

Copyright © Reflections from Dorothy’s Ridge 2014. All rights reserved