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red-budsI love spring, don’t you?

Although it seems too soon, she decided to arrive early this year. And she’s done it with a shout.

Every trip in and out of my neighborhood has been glorious. Each week something new was in bloom.

I meant to stop and take pictures, but I was in too big a hurry to get to an appointment or take care of an errand, so I never got around to stopping. The hedgerow of bridal wreath has gone green–their tiny white flowers long blown away. The tulip trees are a bit bedraggled. (Like me on a bad hair day, they wouldn’t appreciate being photographed.)

But new wonders greeted me today, so I stopped and took some pictures. I thought I’d share them with you.

These beauties live up the street from me. Next year, I hope to have pink tulips, blue hyacinths, purple violas, and yellow daffodils. One can dream.

A Few Shots from our Yard.

These girls have been blooming since late November.
Our forsythia was later than others in the neighborhood.
By the time we return from a little getaway this week, our azaleas should be in full bloom. Pray it doesn’t freeze.

Isn’t it nice that everything doesn’t bloom at the same time? We get to savor the variety of colors and scents longer. I’m still waiting on some daffodils, and my lilies are beginning to sprout green leaves. We lost our dogwood, but I look forward to passing that grand old tree up the street when it’s full of blossoms.

I’ve been thinking.

For now, I’ll just be satisfied remembering the beautiful bridal wreath, japonica, and tulip trees I passed by earlier.

That kind of remembering brings to mind snapshot moments of my daddy’s flowers. You know, long ago spring days when waves of daffodils and hyacinths sprang up, and japonica, bridal wreath, forsythia, and a redbud tree softened the edges and corners of our yard.

Japonica was my favorite bush–its pinky-red blossoms almost shouted hooray as they burst out of those bare branches. Maybe it was because we were starved for color–it seems like it bloomed first. (You can see a bit of japonica in the next photo.)

Mama cut jonquils, hyacinths, and sprigs of each shrub for the table. I wish I had one of those bouquets now and that I could sent one to you, too.

There can be more bouquets.

Although I can’t share my mother’s flowers with you, we can enjoy my friend Pat’s. I love them because they are so much like the ones that graced our table. Aren’t they pretty?

Photo used with permission of Pat Laster.

Memory is such a precious gift. It links us to the past, reminding us of people, treasures, and joyful times that we can tap into at any moment.

And as long as we are blessed to wake up each day, we have the privilege of making new ones. After all, every day offers fresh wonders–if we will just look around us.

Maybe I’ll plant japonica and bridal wreath so I can make my own old-fashioned bouquets.

What’s your favorite spring posey?

Remember to extol his work, which people have praised in song.  Job 36:24


7 thoughts on “SHOUTS OF SPRING”

  1. Beautiful flowers. love the baby’s breath. Next spring when Ann wood’s daffodils are in bloom it is worth the trip to searcy to see them. So many and so beautiful. As all her flowers are. You could write a whole page. Enjoy your beach time.😎


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