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Freeda Nichols

I think Freeda’s a country girl at heart.
Today, I’d like you to meet Freeda Nichols from Clinton, Arkansas. Freeda and I became friends through a critique group and writers’ retreats at the Hemingway-Pfeiffer Educational Center in Piggott. In the process, she has a been a consistent encourager to me.

In addition to writing fiction, Freeda is a poet and an accomplished photographer. She often includes a wildlife picture in her blog posts.

I’ve asked her to tell you more about herself and her writing in her own words. 


Tell us about your book.
It’s a Christian Romance, set in Arkansas in 1983, along a peaceful creek, called the Cadron. This is the story of Jordan Maxey who puts aside her dreams to run the family farm when her father becomes crippled.
Following her college graduation, she experiences life at times so acutely painful she doubts her ability to solve problems besetting the family. Her close bond with her father enables her to keep faith in herself.
Pursued by two men vying for her hand in marriage, Jordan desperately searches her heart to know true love beyond a doubt.
Concerned for her rebellious teenage sister, Jordan steps in to prevent Shelley’s marriage to a man involved with trafficking illegal drugs.
Later, facing an evil man who kidnaps another sister, Jordan remains true to herself in her sacrifice to meet the ransom for the return of little Katie.

Freeda at one of her book signings

How did the story evolve?

I began this novel as an assignment with a journalism class through the University of Oklahoma. But I didn’t finish the book until years later. Once completed, I self-published it by creating my own company, Nic Baker Books, and finding a good printer, locally.  
My sister, an artist, painted the cover.  I have also published two children’s books, “Little Bug Eyes,” and “Badfellow the Bull.” As a poet, I have a published chapbook.

Tell us about yourself.

I was born at Banner Mountain in Van Buren County, Arkansas, near the town of Shirley. I wrote my first poem when I was about nine years of age. As a teenager, I wrote stories and poems. I felt a great desire to write. 
But I married a man in the Air Force and followed him to many places. Each of our four children were born in a different state. 
My family became my priority and I put my dream of writing aside to care for and enjoy them.  As the children grew, and one by one, began to leave home, I picked up my dream and “dug in” to write because it was my destiny.

Freeda’s sister did the artwork
for the cover of her book.

How did you choose your title?

My working title was “The Cadron Drifts Westward.” I grew up close to a creek. Not the Cadron, but Weaver Creek near Banner Mountain. In my novel, the characters often spend time along the Cadron, listening to its sound, watching it splash and move along. 
One of my critique groups advised a change in my title because something drifting was moving slowly. And my book is fast-paced, so I tried new titles and settled on “Call of the Cadron” which was suggested by my daughter, Tracy. 
I love the alliteration but I sometimes think that anyone outside Arkansas may not know the meaning of “Cadron.”

What do you hope people will take away from your book?

I hope my readers will find my story a pleasant pastime, as they curl up in an easy chair to relax and read.

Where can we buy your book?

My book can be ordered here. It’s also on sale in Arkansas at Hastings Books in Conway and Batesville, at Dirty Farmers Market in Clinton, and the Centennial Museum in Shirley.
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I hope you’ll drop by Freeda’s blog and also consider ordering her book.

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