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Finally, Mom gave me
a turn at the computer.
Today, I want to talk about rugs. 

Specifically about what good places rugs are to stretch out—way out.

This may be my favorite rug.

We have lots of rugs in our house. 

I’ve tried them all out.

Bath rugs are fun. If you make a running start, you can slide all the way across the floor.

The only problem with resting on rugs is that sometimes my people don’t see me, and they STEP on me—usually on my tail. 

I screech and they panic.

My Mama and Dad love me.
Mama fusses when that happens. 

There’s no telling how many times she’s said, Lola, if you don’t want to get stepped on, don’t lie down in the walkway.

The thing is, even though I suppose she’s right, I LIKE lazing around on those rugs. They’re thick and soft. It feels good. 

So I’m willing to take the risk.

What about you? Do you have a favorite pastime that your Mama would think was bad for you?

Remember, if you don’t want to get stepped on, don’t lie down in the walkway. 

Copyright © Reflections from Dorothy’s Ridge 2016. All rights reserved


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