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Welcome to the final installment of Life Lessons from Lola, a series about an adorable kitten who traveled lots of miles and stole lots of hearts in her journey to Terry and me. Last week I told you about our trip home from Atlanta and the cool reception we received. I shouldn’t have been worried because the longer I know Lola, the more I understand:

Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets – Even If It Takes a While

We kept a close eye on Lola, especially around Max because of his almost feral response to her. It took him a couple of days to stop hissing and growling anytime she came close to him.

Timmy showed his scorn by leaving the room when Lola entered—and refusing to eat when she was present. That last tactic proved to be part of his undoing because Timmy likes his morning treats.

Although Lola cut a wide berth around Max, she didn’t seem to notice their rejection. In fact, she took advantage of their retreats from the food bowls.

The Lola Effect

The following texts tell how Terry was adjusting to the little interloper during that first week. 

Tuesday, November 11

Me:    Terry and Timmy are softening about Lola. T said both boys would be ok in a week so maybe…

Maria: Just see what happens

Me:    Yep!

Wednesday, November 12

Me:   Lola’s making progress with all 3 boys.
Maria: Has she sat with Terry yet?
Me:   No, but he’s picked her up and nuzzled her a few times. While Timmy & Max were snubbing me, Tim sat in his lap. They know who the traitor is!
(Note: Timmy likes to sit close to us, but normally he’s not a lap cat.)

Texts with Brady:
Me:   Lola’s playfulness is fascinating the boys. Making progress.
Brady: glad to hear it’s starting to work out. I’m a little bit glad I’ll be able to see her when I go home in a couple of weeks.

What a Difference a Week Makes


Early the following week while I out doing errands, Terry called to tell me his brother had offered to take Lola. I hemmed and hawed and finally told him I didn’t want to let her go. And he agreed. So we thanked Jerry but told him no.

Later I texted Brady:

Me:   Uncle Jerry offered to take Lola, but I told him he was a week too late. We couldn’t give her up.

Brady: 🙂

Reunited and It Feels So Good

Everyone came home for Thanksgiving so Emily and Brady got to spend some time with Lola. It was sweet to watch the reunions. I think they both enjoyed it and understood that Lola was better off right where she currently is.


Emily and Lola picked right back up where they left off.

Brady knows she’s better off with us, yet…

We’ve come a long way, Baby

I’ve already told you I had no intentions of ever owning another female cat, but Lola had other ideas. Actually, I guess you might say she owns me now. 


And, you know what? I’m loving it. She’s is a sweet companion and full of life. 

Terry was hooked within the first week. The payoff for him is two kitties who will sit in his lap. (Timmy seems to be getting in the habit of it.)

Timmy had no intention of opening his heart to Lola, but he didn’t yet understand her charm. She has chosen him as her main playmate.

Lie still, Lola.

Even Max, a solitary sort who interacts with everyone on his terms, has come around. He likes to pretend he doesn’t care, but he also finds Lola’s irresistible—especially when she joins him a game of fetch.

And Lola. She’s so occupied with the discoveries of kitten-hood that she seems completely unaware of her influences in our household. 

But if she were to stop long enough to consider it, she’d find that she’s brought  joy to us. We all love Lola.

I wish we were all as open to life’s possibilities as she is.
Lesson to Be Learned:We should never say never, especially where God’s creatures are concerned. And one thing’s for sure, if we hold back, we could miss a blessing.
Point to Ponder:Do I look at the new people and opportunities that come into my life as gifts from God?
We ought always to give thanks to God for you, brothers, as is right,
because your faith is growing abundantly, and
the love of every one of you for one another is increasing.
2 Thess. 1:3

Copyright © Reflections from Dorothy’s Ridge 2014. All rights reserved


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