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 Part One


Today I begin a series about Lola, the latest addition to our household. Watching Max and Timmy react and adjust to Lola’s presence has been a hoot, stirring lots of reflections on life.
You already know that Terry and I love cats. Most recently, I wrote about cranky Queen Lucy, who departed for Kitty Heaven a few months ago. We loved Lucy, but she was temperamental. Max and Timmy are good boys, and we had absolutely no intention of adopting another cat —especially another female cat. 

In fact, I was adamant and told lots of folks in no uncertain terms, 


I should have known better—especially with eight grandchildren. 

Needed: Apartment Cat

It all began when our granddaughter, Emily, helped her roommate pick out a kitten. They  share  an apartment with three other University of Alabama girls. Emily even accompanied her to Birmingham to pick up Lola.

What? You Mean Not Everyone Loves Kittens? 

Turns out that three of the five girls had no interest in a cat. And before long, Lola’s owner realized she could sleep later if she closed her door to her new acquisition. Emily couldn’t bear to hear Lola cryingoutside her bedroom door, so you know where Lola slept. (We’ll skip over the litter box part.)



The only problem was that Emily is allergic to cats. And her sinuses would not allow her to ignore it. With a little assistance from her mother, she came to the decision that they needed to find Lola another home. Roommate was okay with that.
Maria had kept us apprised of the Lola saga.  So let’s just say I wasn’t surprised by a text message I received not long after Lucy’s passing.  
Maria: Your granddaughter wondered if you might like to have Lola.
Me: That’s sweet but no thank you.
Maria: Well, at least they are trying to give it away!
Me: I’ll pray
Thought for the Day:  It’s not wise to talk big about what you absolutely will not do, especially when it comes to cats, your children orgrandchildren.

Even though I never like to eat my words, this time it hasn’t been too bad. Watching Lola work her wiles on Max and Timmy has been delightful. She reminds me of my favorite candy, Dove Dark Chocolate – silky smooth sweetness with a bit of a bite.

Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring.
 Proverbs 27:1

Next time: Cousin to the Rescue

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12 thoughts on “LIFE LESSONS FROM LOLA”

  1. Good girl, Lola! Now, friend, friend, friend: I have 3 black, fluffy balls of kitten fur just waiting to tangle with . . . . anybody. But not in MY house–I already have two. Help!!!! Good post, Dorothy.


  2. Dorothy, I just finished your piece on this lovely feline over at and wanted to pop over and tell you how much I enjoyed it. Nice to see a fellow Arkansan around these parts!


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