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A Change of Seasons

I’m welcoming fall with open arms.

I’m tired of living out of a suitcase.

Most of you know that Terry and I kept the road hot between home and Florida this year with multiple week-long trips. First it was to fluff up a new-to-us place and then to relax from the hard work, all of which meant home-sweet-home got short shrift. 

Our kitties were bewildered but fared well because of our wonderful neighbors. Between the automatic sprinklers and a watering system Terry rigged up for the porch and deck plants, everything survived. But I can’t say anything thrived except volunteer privet hedge, brambles and weeds.

Now that we’ve settled down to our regular fall routine (UALR choir for Terry), I’ve been playing catch up on flowerbeds, getting them ready for fall planting. I cut back the peonies and iris, but the periwinkle looked so pretty I decided to leave it a while longer. A little later, I’ll trade them for ornamental cabbage, mums and violas. 

I haven’t figured out my color scheme beyond the mums and ornamental grass on the front porch. I dusted off my autumn wreath, but I’m waiting to buy pumpkins and gourds. I want them to last through Thanksgiving.   

The lesson for me in all this is that when I spread myself too thin, something suffers. I can’t have flourishing plants without being present to deadhead and feed them. Brambles, privet and weeds will take over if I don’t systematically remove them. I should have planted fewer pots on the deck, but the periwinkle was the right choice for that little flower bed by the driveway. 

That’s the way my life is too. When I sign up for too many things, it shows up in stress and/or performance. I think God gives us new seasons where he says it’s okay to lay down one thing to make time for another or to just be for a while. Giving myself permission to do so can be a challenge because I don’t like to disappoint people. And I must admit I’m pretty invested in some activities. 
My favorite birthday gift this year

I recently turned over a job to someone at church and felt such relief. I was glad that no one tried to talk me out of it—people sometimes do, you know. 

I thought about it a long time before saying anything, but when a speaker at a recent conference asked if there were anything we’d secretly be relieved to let go, it was like God confirming that this was the time to give someone else the opportunity to serve.  I believehe picked my replacement, and I know she will do a good job.

What about you. Are you over-committed? Is there anything you’d be relieved to hand over to someone else? 

Think about it.


For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven: Ecc. 3:1

Copyright © Reflections from Dorothy’s Ridge 2014. All rights reserved

6 thoughts on “A Change of Seasons”

  1. Well said, m'dear. I think I've already handed over everything I can–or want to. I actually sawed down some mean privet that grew up seemingly overnight, plus some honey locust that was intrusive. I love this season, too. Planted 2 pots of mums last night and have 2 more to plant today. The old ones are full of fat buds. Can't wait. xoxo


  2. Oh, yes. I can identify with your plight! I, too, have been doing some considering the past few weeks, trying to figure out what to 'weed out' of my life. Not that it's all weeds, but some things can, and will, prosper with or without me.


  3. Thanks for reading and commenting. I am so sick of privet popping up everywhere. They were putting out some ornamental cabbage and a pot of pansies at Kroger's today, but I was on my way out. I still have more cleaning up to do. It's hard to get back to it.


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