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What Kind of a Deal Are You Making?

I’ve been thinking about the women I saw on Let’s Make a Deal last month at Fun Wash. You know, the television show where the host chooses contestants in wacky costumes from the audience and calls them down front for a game of chance. Sometimes they win big, but just as often they trade away something valuable for a worthless price.

Both of the ladies I saw had gone to some expense and trouble to put together their costumes. My favorite was the sunflower. I was delighted when she won a living room suite. The second woman, dressed like Wilma Flintstone, was a bouncy screamer who could have been a poster girl for good sportsmanship. She whooped and danced around as if she had won after trading away the real prize  for nothing.  I felt sorry for her. I wanted her to win, too. I wanted all the contestants to go home winners.

I know that’s unrealistic. Everyone can’t win all the time or even some of the time, but we all want to. Whether it’s a game show, job, social situation or writing a blog, we hope to strike a chord with other people and be remembered favorably.  

It may not seem fair, but we understand that people are swayed by appearances. So we put on our best personas, hoping to get noticed. In various ways, we say, “Look at me! Choose me!” 

Even when we’re sunflowers, we want to stand out as that special blossom.

Sunflowers from FreePik

As always the young look for ways to be noticed. The unusual hair colors amuse me, but I feel differently about body art. Call me old, but tongue and nose piercings, tattoo sleeves and those gruesome ear tunnels that expand the earlobes leave me cold.  

I try not to stare, especially when I say hello to the young folks who sport them as they wait on us at our favorite lunch spot. I smile, covering my true reaction, but I must confess the giant holes in their earlobes trigger a surge of pity that stays with me long after I leave.

I wonder about the true cry of their hearts. I want to say, 

You don’t have to reinvent yourself.
Just be who you are.
Don’t hide behind a façade.
You may not be a sunflower.
You could be a peony.
Or a strong bamboo cane.
Give yourself time to unfurl.

Then I think about my own efforts to stand out from the crowd and make a good impression. People may feel sorry for me from time to time. I remind myself to be happy with the person God intended me to be. Instead of being a prize rose or orchid, maybe I’m really a redbud bloom. They’re better together, and I love being with friends.  

Fortunately at this time of my life, I’m clearer about what I believe, which makes it easier to stay true to my values while I enjoy each day. I can honestly say I wouldn’t trade my simple life for something grander.

My hope is that you are comfortable in your own skin, that you’re doing those things that resonate with your spirit and that you know reinventing yourself is unnecessary.

Each of us is valuable just the way we are.

Believe it.

It’s true.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;

your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

Psalm 139:14Cross references:




14 thoughts on “What Kind of a Deal Are You Making?”

  1. Great article, Dorothy. I see it every day too, and wonder what will become of some of our young that are so desperate for love and attention. Or, do they realize what they are doing at all? Caught up in today's social values. Sad, isn't it? Love your writing.


  2. I feel the same as you, Dorothy. This is an excellent writing. My hope is that your insight, written here with great skill and humility, will make a difference to someone, somewhere, someday.


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