Devotional, Easter, Eureka Springs

A Sacred Surprise


Grotto Spring at Eureka Springs

I spent last week in Eureka Springs, a town named for the abundance of springs bubbling out of its rocky hillsides. At one time, the waters were believed to provide healing benefits and attracted people from near and far. Now the springs are just stops along the way for tourists exploring the quirky little community.

  One such spot, Grotto Spring, is situated near the Writers’ Colony at Dairy Hollow www.writers  where I stayed. At this time of year, the town is abloom, just begging for exploration. Within an hour of my arrival, I stuck out to take it all in. I stopped briefly to admire the landscaping around Grotto Spring, but I didn’t venture down into the cave-like structure because I was distracted by its beautiful surroundings. Plus, it looked dark and dank.

During a later trek, my companions mentioned there was a place to leave a prayer at the back of the grotto. I was surprised, and we paused just long enough for me to catch a glimpse of a flickering light within. The cave still looked wet and uninviting, so I didn’t bother to go down the stairs.  However, my curiosity built overnight, and the next morning, I retraced my steps and actually walked all the way down into the small room formed by the bluff above. It was quiet and the air was perceptively cooler. Just inside, a bench jutting from a wall, beckoned. At the back of the structure, I saw the light shining steadily from its alcove.

Except for the man-made floor, the surroundings felt as ancient as the garden tomb. I could almost feel the despair of Jesus’ followers as they placed his body on a similar outcropping and their later confusion when they found the grave open and empty that third day long ago. 

Suddenly the cave took on a sacred feel and I understood why the alcove had been shaped to hold the light. I didn’t leave a prayer, but I said one, and the experience changed the focus of my day as I considered  the significance of the empty tomb. 
I wish you a similar sacred moment today filled with resurrection joy.

He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay. Matt. 28:6

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