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Early Morning Musings

Mocha Time

Driven from bed by a cranky back, I huddle beneath a wooly afghan and wait for coffee to drip into the clear carafe. It’s still dark, so early I had to manually adjust the automatic thermostat upward to awaken the furnace, which bumps and whirs into action.

As I wait for my coffee, I’m transported back to winter mornings long ago in that little white house on 7th Street. Every room, except the dining room, opened into a short hall that housed our very own pet dragon, sleeping beneath a dark grate. When roused and fed a steady supply of natural gas, our faithful friend warmed the entire house with his fiery breath. I can almost feel his toasty blast and see my robe billow out in hoop-skirt fashion.


This grill’s much shinier than our old furnace grate

Before I pour my first cup of coffee, I can’t resist standing over a heat register in the floor. The air forced through its puny gills barely warms my feet, making me long for a sizzling burst from that old dragon’s throat.

I settle again beneath my cozy cover with my own form of mocha—strong Dunkin Donut Coffee laced with Atkins Dark Chocolate Royale Shake. Between sips I study a mug my friend, Billie, gave me.

Its playful script declares:
Friends laugh with you
Friends accept and forgive
Friends are forever
Friends laugh with you

And I thank God for warm memories of that old furnace and friendships, both old and new, that sweeten my predawn hours.

Good Morning To All My Faithful Friends!

A friend loves at all times… Proverbs 17:17


4 thoughts on “Early Morning Musings”

  1. We backed up to a wood stove instead of standing over a floor furnace. But the effect was the same! Warm and cozy in our little home out on the Crosby Road. My dad would “ThRoW AnOtHeR log on the FiRe” and we would hurry to get dressed and catch the big yellow bus as it came by…………Judy Crozier Kubishiak would be on that same bus.


  2. If you and Judy and rode the same bus, do you and I know one another from school? The 1946 date is right but I'm needing the entire name, CarolinaMoon! My aunt and uncle who lived at Higginson had a wood stove that kept them cozy. I can remember getting downright hot! Thanks for reading and commenting!


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