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I had a déjà vu moment last week when a Searcy friend asked me to look at K-Mart for Spider-Man house shoes for her twin grandsons. It seems there was one pair of slippers and two four-year-old boys who wanted to wear them.
I laughed because I’m quite familiar with Spider-Man. My son, Gary, who just observed his half-century birthday, was taken with the same superhero when he was their age. Who would’ve believed that 46 years later, I’d be back out shopping for the Incredible Spider-Man. That’s what you call staying power.
I made K-Mart my next stop, and it was our lucky day. There on the second row of a rack of house shoes, hung the familiar red and blue Spider-Man. I grabbed the last pair of size 9-10s.
The next day as I mailed the shoes, I could almost fast forward to see Ryan’s and Garrett’s beaming faces as they dashed through Nana’s house in their superhero footwear. Aren’t they cute?

Garrett & Ryan Beck
These guys put me in mind of another little boy flying through the house with strains of his favorite theme song trailing behind: Spiderman, Spiderman, Does whatever a spider can. Spins a web, any size, Catches thieves just like flies. Look out! Here comes the Spiderman.

Maria  & Gary, 1969
If this makes anyone else nostalgic, you can hear the original Spider-Man cartoon
theme song in its entirety by clicking below.
Oh, by the way, if you’re a Spider-Man fan,
you can order these super-spiffy pumps online.
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  1. Thank you for making my boys so happy. I love your sweet blog about your trip to buy spiderman slippers. I will have to send you a picture of them in their slippers.


  2. I was happy that I found them. It brought back such good memories that I couldn't resist writing about them. They are too cute for words! I would love to see a picture of the duo sporting their superpower house slippers!


  3. What a sweet story and great remembrance for you. And me. My grandsons, next door to me, were once Spiderman fans, so Spiderman has been around my house several times. I doubt this GeGe could ever have worn those spike-heel shoes, but I have mended a Spiderman costume a few times for two active boys. 🙂


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