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Today I’m sharing some of the friendly faces, we encountered on our Savannah-Charleston trip. There was only one place where we encountered a couple of young clerks who must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed that morning. It was a tourist store on the riverfront lacking the pride of ownership factor. We shrugged it off, and I’m happy to say they were the only locals we met who didn’t understand the power of hospitality in those two beautiful cities.

Expectant smiles as we prepare to roll out our first day

Karen and her Greg who entertained us in Birmingham

My guys who hosted us in Atlanta on the way.
Caroline, Maria, Emily, Brad


Deedee took good care of us
at the Staybridge in Savannah.

Carole Calvert at Go Fish ( a fair trade store) and I
had instant rapport because of our shared faith.

The staff at The Olde Pink House deserves
 an award for Friendliest Service.
Thus, our smiles

Arden our Charleston tour guide and her trusty steed, John

 Earl and his sweet wife. They rescued us on the way
to Charleston when our car was out of oil.

The fanciest hairdo at the Charleston Market

Our Singing Fudge Maker did such a great Stevie Wonder
with Isn’t It Fudgery, I bought some candy.
Carolyn with her Clint, Allison, Ella & Reagan,
our hosts in Atlanta on our trip home.

Some Familiar Faces

Marilyn greeted us for lunch

Betty Boop was there too


More Welcomes

The Bird Girl of Savannah made famous by the novel
has been moved to a museum that we didn’t have time to visit.
But we each bought a charm to remind us of her.

John Wesley still points The Way

The Waving Girl at Savannah Harbor
We didn’t see the White Rabbit
Bat Man and Robin were on their way to a party
in Charleston. We forgot to get autographs!
The service at the King Charles Inn on Meeting Street in Charleston was excellent. I was disappointed when I realized I didn’t get a picture of the friendly bellhop, David, who not only carried our bags but also checked the oil in the car. The manager circulated at Happy Hour and responded immediately to our comments about the comfort of the sofa-bed. We’d stay there again.
I laughed when I saw Karen had entitled our itinerary The Three Angels Trip. But now I think it fit perfectly, not so much because we were angelic but because we received treatment truly worthy of Hebrews 13:2.  

Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels.

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